15 August independence day India

15 August independence day India

If Article 370 was so important, then why haven’t the ruling parties made it permanent for the past 70 years, even though it had a majority? Why was it temporary? If there were so many beliefs, you should have moved forward and done this forever. This means that you have known all along that the decision you made was wrong. But you didn’t have the courage and the will to fix it. Fears about the political future continued to mount. For me, the future of the country is everything, the political future does not matter.

15 August independence day India

Our constitutional makers and great personalities like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel made these bold and important decisions even in those difficult times, keeping in mind the goals of national integration and political unification. The work on national integration was successful, but some difficulties were encountered due to Articles 370 and 35A.

Today, when I address the nation from the Red Fort, I can proudly say that every Indian today can talk about One Nation, One Constitution, and we are trying to fulfil Sardar Sahib’s dream of Ek Bharat Sreshtha Bharat. Therefore, we must develop systems that strengthen the unity of the country and serve as a cementing force, and this process must continue continuously. This should not be a temporary measure, but an ongoing process.

Thanks to GST, we have fulfilled the dream of one nation one tax. Likewise, we recently successfully fulfilled the dream of one nation, one network in the energy sector.

Likewise, we have developed the One Nation, One Mobility map system and there is a nationwide debate currently underway to hold simultaneous elections in the country. This discussion should be conducted in a democratic manner. We will have to add many such new ideas to realize our dreams of Ek Bharat, Sreshtha Bharat.

My dear compatriots, the country must reach new heights, the country must leave its mark on a global scale. For this, we need to change the attitude towards the fight against poverty in the country. This should be seen not as a favour, but as our contribution to building a bright future for the country since we must free ourselves from poverty at any cost. Over the past 5 years, a number of successful efforts have been made to reduce poverty. We have achieved greater success than before and at a faster pace. A little respect and support for the poor can boost their self-esteem and lift them out of the grip of poverty without any government assistance.

15 August independence day India

He will be able to overcome poverty on his own. These are my poor brothers who have the strength to fight any trouble. He fights the intense cold with his clenched fists. We need to bow to his innate strength to face adversity and help resolve the challenges of his daily life.

Why shouldn’t the poor have toilets, electricity in their homes, homes to live in, water supplies and a bank account? Why should they be forced to go to a loan shark to get a loan through a mortgage? Come on, let’s make an effort to increase the self-esteem, self-confidence and self-esteem of the poor.

Brothers and sisters, more than 70 years have passed since the day of Independence. All governments have done a great job in their own way. Every government, regardless of the party, central or state, tried in its own way. Yet it is a fact that today almost half of the homes in India do not have drinking water. People have to fight to get drinking water. Mothers and sisters must travel 2, 3, 5 km, carrying a load of water on their heads. Most of their lives are spent fighting for water. Therefore, this government decided to emphasize a special challenge, namely how to ensure the availability of water in every home. How does every house get water, clean drinking water? So, today I declare from the Red Fort that in the coming days we will continue the Jal-Jivan mission. The central and state governments will work together on this Jal Jivan mission. We promised to spend more rupees. 3.5 million kroons for this mission in the coming years. Water conservation, irrigation, rainwater harvesting, seawater or wastewater treatment work needs to be done, and Per Drop, More Crop Micro Irrigation for farmers. Water conservation campaigns should be launched to raise awareness of water among ordinary people, increase their sensitivity so that they understand the importance of water; even children should be taught to conserve water as part of their childhood curriculum. We must move forward with the belief that over the next five years, we will have to more than quadruple the work done in the past 70 years in order to conserve water and revive water sources. We can’t wait any longer. The great Saint Thiruvalluvarji confessed hundreds of years ago when perhaps no one would have thought about the water crisis and the importance of water.

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