Cat halloween costumes

Here at Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in a good way) about what we buy, but no matter how much we want, we cannot try everything. That’s why we have People’s Choice in which we find the most trusted products and highlight the most compelling. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we select each item here.)
cat halloween costumes
And while we wrote a lot about Halloween – including the best Halloween costumes for dogs, the best Halloween costumes for kids and the best cheap Halloween decorations – here we have put together the best Halloween costumes for cats that have been praised by the most enthusiastic Amazon Reviewers.
“Purrrfect is a cat costume,” one of the reviewers writes, although there is a unanimous opinion among the reviewers that this costume is loved not by the owners, but by the owners. “My kitty Patty loves her sailing suit … In fact, she hates it, but she still looks cute, damn it,” writes one. They also commented on the fit, saying: “Definitely better for a larger cat — Patty is small and the holes in the ears of the hat are too wide for her.” Another reviewer writes: “My cat weighs about 11-12 pounds, and the standard fit is just fine.” One owner says: “My like it, believe it or not, but only when it’s on his neck,” and adds: “Whenever I put it on, he breaks up like a king or something like that “. And they are not the only owners who see that their cat takes on a completely new attitude to this costume: “This product has changed my life, every time I see my cat, he says:“ Ships uphill ”. He begins to behave like a sailor, I begin to believe that my cat is actually a sailor. The seaman’s outfit is so realistic that he was offered a job to work on large shipping lines. ”

cat halloween costumes
The review, written from the point of view of a cat, says: “I’m not happy … But my mother thinks I’m sweet.” They continue: “I’m partially Maine Coon, 17.5 pounds. Perfect fit. Brings Leo in me. I would recommend it for other cats. ” Other beloved parents agree that this costume is more attractive than outweighs the dislike of their cats. Like this reviewer, many say: “For the price, this is great entertainment when you see your cat running like a lion,” but many also think that this is a great price for quality. “The mane is of good quality: well-positioned Velcro, thick fur and a nice color,” one writes, and the other adds: “These are high-quality fake hair, in fact they are soft and do not look like straw.” Others describe it as well. One remarks: “Our cat is medium-sized (maybe 12 pounds?), And the size is” small “- it’s just wonderful.”

cat halloween costumes
“I love this. The cat has come to terms with this,” one reviewer writes about this bunny costume. And while many others comment on how cute and how cool it is for photographs, there are people who think this bunny costume has several practical uses. One reviewer describes this bunny cat costume as restrictive, which helps keep their cat in check. “Did cat scratches break you? Put it in a bunny costume,” they write. “She eats my valuable leaves of plants again? Put it down in a bunny costume. Another says: “This makes it much easier to move her in and out, as well as cutting her nails.” About 15 percent of reviewers also call this costume “soft,” which makes it warm and comfortable for their kitties.”This user displays a general note about the size:“ If you plan to buy this product, I would recommend it, but one size larger. ”

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