College Halloween Costumes

College Halloween Costumes

College Halloween Costumes

Professor Nicholas Christakis lives at Yale University, where he runs one of his colleges. His wife Erica, a teacher of preschool education, shares this responsibility. They live among students and are responsible for shaping residential living. And before Halloween, some students complained to them that the Yale University administration gave awkward advice on which Halloween costumes to avoid.

Erika Kristakis reflected on student frustration, relying on her scholarship and career experience, and wrote an email inviting the community to think about the contradictions through an intelligent look that few of them considered. Her message was an example of appropriate, thoughtful, civic engagement.

Because of her problems, a fraction of the students are now trying to remove the couple from their homes, that is, insult and expel them from their home on the campus. Hundreds of Yale students attack them, some with hateful insults shouted by epithets and a public shame campaign. At the same time, they demonstrated an illiberal trait stemming from the shortcomings of their good intentions.

Those who talk about marginal students in high-end colleges sometimes find serious flaws in their black, brown, or Asian classmates and may reveal flaws in their religious students and ideological conservatives if they take care of speaking out for these groups. I know many Californians who found it difficult to adapt to life in the Ivy League, where a fraction of the highly privileged children raised in elite preparatory schools still set the tone for a decidedly eastern coastal culture. Ceteris paribus, outsiders who also feel like racial or ethnic “others” usually go the toughest of all.

This may well be true at Yale.

But none of this justifies Yale University activists who mocked this special ability in recent days. They behave more like Reddit “social justice warriors” parodies than consistent activists, and I suspect they will look back on their behavior with chagrin. The purpose of writing your mistakes now is not to condemn these students. Their young life is extremely impressive with any reasonable measure. Unfortunately, they live in an era when the usual mistakes of youth are extraordinarily noticeable. In order not to be distracted from attention, I will not name them here.

The focus is on the erroneous ideas that they have learned.

Anyone who invests in how tomorrow’s elite communities are biased should understand as best as possible how many of the cognitively privileged, usually seemingly good intentions of young people can attack with such blatant intolerance.

* * *

What happens at Yale does not stay there.

Thanks to the support of world-changing research, to prominent graduates, and the allocation of $ 24.9 billion. For the Marshal, for better or for worse, Yale University administrators face enormous opportunity costs as they distribute their days. Many hours must be devoted to caring for students who are experiencing serious problems such as clinical depression, substance abuse, eating disorders and sexual abuse. Administrators also help others who have financial difficulties or are the first to attend college in their families.

Therefore, it is noteworthy that at least 13 administrators did not have enough time to compose, distribute and jointly sign a letter with tips for adult students on how to dress for Halloween – the reason why misinformed campus activists mistakenly take social justice as a priority.

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