Destiny 2 Halloween Event 2020

Destiny 2 Halloween event 2020

Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost: Halloween Event Dates, Start Time, Rewards, And Activities

Destiny 2 Halloween Event 2020

Destiny 2 gets spooky and scary with the Halloween event’s return.

Festival of the Lost, the first big seasonal event of Destiny 2’s third year, is almost upon us and will be available to all Destiny 2 players. The annual Halloween-themed in-game event returns this week and will see many familiar elements from the past, including Halloween masks you can unlock, candy you can earn to buy stuff, and a new exclusive auto rifle awarded for taking on the event’s terrors. Here all the details on what to expect once the event begins on October 29.

Destiny 2 Halloween Event 2020

Bungie detailed the Festival in a blog post, which gives a few details about its new activity and the loot you can chase by participating. It starts with the weekly reset on October 29, and once again, players will return to a spooky version of Mercury’s Infinite Forest. Dubbed the Haunted Forest, your goal here is to get as far as you can in 15 minutes. If last year’s event is anything to go on, you’ll encounter a few frightening enemies inside that hunt you as you try to kill as many enemies as possible and take down a big boss at the end. Last year, kills helped extend your timer to keep a run going as long as possible, with better rewards based on how far you were able to travel in the forest.

A Festival guide from Bungie also suggests that Terrors will return this year. These are super-tough Hive enemies that hunt you pretty much without end as you run through the Haunted Forest, adding a slasher movie vibe to the whole affair. Bungie also warns that you’ll want to “beware what awaits you at the end.”

Your big reward for clearing out the Haunted Forest is the Braytech Werewolf auto rifle, an exclusive reward that’ll only be available during the Festival of the Lost. As Bungie details, you’ll first earn a Masterworked, curated version of the auto rifle that drops at the soft cap of 950 Power when you complete its requirements–most likely by completing a fairly involved quest. Once you’ve got one version of the Werewolf, you’ll be able to earn new random rolls of the gun to try to find your favourite version.

Destiny 2 Halloween Event 2020

Venturing into the Forest and completing Festival of the Lost bounties will earn you Chocolate Strange Coins, which you can then spend on special Festival rewards. These include a variety of masks of different characters that you’ll be able to wear on a helmet you earn during the Festival. This year, the masks are all armour ornaments for the Masquerader’s Helmet you’ll get from vendor Eva Levante, which means you can wear them without a big Power loss as in previous years. You’ll find five new masks from Eva, and if you have the masks from 2018’s Festival of the Lost, you’ll be able to equip those as well.

The Halloween event also has its own Eververse rewards, most of which take on a David S. Pumpkins flair with a skeleton theme. You can snag glowing skeleton armour for your characters, as well as a skeletal pterodactyl ship. A few fun and creepy ghost shells are in the rotation, as well as Spooky, a Sparrow that’s just a broom you can ride as if you were on your way to Space Hogwarts.

As has been the case for the last year, the Festival of the Lost will feature its own set of specific Triumphs to clear during the three-week event. There are also a few Festival-specific mods that can give you an edge in the Haunted Forest, like Vampiric Touch, which gives you health regeneration on precision kills, and Energetic Assassin, which makes precision kills grant grenade and melee energy. You’ll only be able to use those mods during the Festival, though, so make sure you unlock them and equip them early for best results.

Destiny 2 Halloween Event 2020

The Festival of the Lost is open to all players, including those in the free-to-play New Light version of Destiny 2. You’ll need to be at least 770 Power to access the Haunted Forest, which is pretty low and easily attainable with a bit of ground even if you’re brand new to the game. The Festival of the Lost kicks off on October 29 and runs for three weeks, through November 19

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