Disney halloween costumes

We are Disney Halloween costume experts. Wait, have you seen our past costumes? Well, you know, “expert” is not the word, then. We had some fun with our costumes, and although they are not particularly tricky, some people like some of our costumes … for some reason (presumably for the same reason that someone likes this blog: they certainly insane).

disney halloween costumes

This year we tried to come up with some cool costumes for the not-so-scary Halloween Mickey party at Walt Disney World and for the Mickey Halloween party at Disneyland (the Disney “name team” really worked overtime to distinguish between the two sides!).

During this process, we stumbled upon other ideas, as well as some general “rules” that you might want to follow when collecting your own costumes. They range from relatively simple things, such as remembering the weather, to specific ideas for costumes that you could use if you can’t think of anything else.

Here are our tips, costume ideas, and things you can’t do when it comes to Disney Halloween costumes …
Disneybound – Since Disneybound really exploded and became massive, we noticed that some people are doing this for Mickey’s “Not So Scary” Halloween party. I am a big fan of Disneybound-related art, but for me it seems like a way to put Disney in casual wear.

Halloween is not an ordinary outfit, and one of the great advantages of Halloween parties is that you are allowed to wear a real costume in the parks, rather than ordinary clothes that resemble the character’s image. Leave Disneybound the next day and buy a real costume at one of Mickey’s Halloween party parties.

I want to emphasize that this is just an assumption – Sarah has Disneybound for Halloween parties, because it was an economical and practical (read: warmth and humidity) way to wear something more than just regular clothes for Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party . If you like Disneybound or don’t want to wear a more sophisticated costume, Disneybound is sure to!

disney halloween costumes
Disney Boys Characters – Now if you don’t want to buy or make an expensive costume, there are several human characters in the attractions of Disneyland and Walt Disney World who wear relatively normal clothes with costumes that could be removed quite easily, provided that you You can find clothes that fit snugly enough and matching accessories.

Think of the hairy pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean. You can probably find a fairly close outfit for him on eBay or Goodwill (his shirt and trousers are pretty standard), but what really sets this costume apart is the hair on his legs and a big jug of rum. Just grab a pair of tights of skin color and glue synthetic hair on them. A boom, an instantly recognizable costume among Disney fans.

One year in college, I dressed like a Dreamfinder for Halloween. I’m not very cunning, so my costume wasn’t the best, but I was very pleased with the results at that time (I’m too sad to share photos of my suits from college – just say that you understand why I’m proud of it, if you everyone saw). However, the great people at Epbot did a lot better than Dreamfinder; Follow their example if this costume interests you.

Any human character from the parks (or Disney / Pixar Animation – Carl or Russell from Up and others simple) that has a great look will work as follows. Someone like the disco scientist from Spaceship Earth (or any other character from the EPCOT Center) would have been easy, while one of the Haunted Mansion ballroom dancers would have been pretty hard to implement.

disney halloween costumes

One of my costumes this year is the human character of Disney Park, but I’m not going to talk about it right now, as I have never seen this costume, and I hope to be the first to do it!
Stay calm – if you are going to Florida for the “Not so scary” party in Mickey, you should remember that it is likely to be hot and humid even at night. I cannot stress this enough. This is something that I did not think about when I bought my Beast costume several years ago, and I was unhappy all the time while I was on the street.

If you make a really complicated costume that is hot and goes to a Halloween party, first of all, to show it, more power for you. One of the biggest Halloween party giveaways for us is to see the creative costumes that other guests make. There are some really talented Disney fans and cosplayers who do an incredible job of creating their costumes. These people make my costumes look like they were hit by a crowd of drunk chimpanzees (which is probably not so far from the truth).

However, if you are going to the Halloween Party

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