Easy halloween makeup

You do not need to go to the store to get the perfect Halloween costume – it is already in your cosmetic bag. That’s right, with a little makeup (and maybe a little face paint and shine), you can completely turn into a terrifying character for Halloween. Either a cute character, or even a dumb one, depending on your atmosphere – these Halloween makeup ideas have come to you.

easy halloween makeup

Don’t worry if you are not the most advanced make-up artist, as there are several step-by-step Halloween makeup lessons that you can use to drop something along with the products that are already in your medicine cabinet. And don’t be alarmed for a second: all the ideas on this list are easy enough to emulate for beginners (seriously, take our word for it). Once you discover the foundation (figuratively and figuratively), create an image of the rest of your party with one of these simple Halloween costume ideas.
Get political this Halloween by turning into an American hero like Abraham Lincoln. See how makeup artist Caitlin Galloway, known as Kiki G on YouTube, uses bronzer and backlighting to turn someone into this prolific president. Oh, and don’t forget the top hat!
For a light, sweet costume that looks like a night look (without the bow of a little girl, of course), copy this beautiful Snow White makeup. Wear a blue top and a yellow skirt for a simple costume that every Disney fan recognizes.
Kiki also gave our news editor one of the scariest modifications we have ever seen! (Elizabethan ruffled collar really looks, doesn’t it?)
Highlight your face with a strategically placed black trim and add large dots to mimic your favorite Sunday comic. Then just add your favorite evening dress. Roy Lichtenstein will be impressed.

easy halloween makeup
Dress up as your favorite redhead of every day, following this makeup tutorial that shows you how to get a classic 1950s look. Although she was not a natural red, this image is enhanced by a red wig, red hair dye, or, even better, natural red hair.
Dressing in a Disney princess is not only for children – adults can also wear these beautiful costumes! If you don’t like shell bras, combine this simple make-up look with a shiny purple top and a green skirt.
Although Ariel’s makeup is beautiful, let’s be honest: being an evil sea witch Ursula is much more fun. Get this villainous image complete with the cult crown.
Drawing three mustache eyeliner on each cheek is too boring for an adult Halloween. Instead, follow this lioness makeup tutorial that will lift your costume from simple to beautiful in just 10 minutes.

easy halloween makeup
No matter what you wear with this makeup, everyone will know who you are. Just make sure that whatever it is, you don’t mind putting a little blue body paint on it!
Dress up as one of the 90s most beloved Halloween characters with this incredible make-up by Edward Scissorhands. Just make sure you wear protective scissors if you are going for a full look!
If you can’t get enough of the American horror story, try this scary makeup that is completely white, with the exception of absolutely terrifying eyes that let through dark black tears.

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