Halloween candy clipart

Whether it’s facts or fiction, the horrific candy stories for Halloween will probably never end. Making stories of what supposedly happened to someone who was related to the guy whose cousin lives in Wisconsin and had a child who died of candy with a cocaine bloom is almost a national attraction. It’s all part of Halloween’s creepy, paranoid fun .. right?

halloween candy clipart

When I was a child, my parents carefully checked the sweets that my sister and I brought home every Halloween. Everything that looked even slightly suspicious was rejected or eaten by my father because: “It looks a little ridiculous. I have to eat this, Mandy. It was part of the Halloween tradition of returning home and not only deleting what we scored, but also making my mother go through all this with a notched comb. Any apple was immediately thrown away, because obviously someone knew someone whose child had a friend who suffocated from a razor blade and died. No one ever knew what the baby’s name was, but he or she existed somewhere in the world, so apples were simply forbidden (which suited me because the sweets).

halloween candy clipart
In 2000, a California postman accidentally handed out bags of marijuana to treats. It was a fairly innocent mistake. The man, whose name was never released, found Snickers’ bag back in the writing room and thought he would not let them go to waste. So, not far off Halloween, he took the bag home to hand out chocolates for treats. Only when the children returned home and unwrapped their treats, marijuana was discovered, which further sparked rumors and urban legends about people trying to poison children every Halloween through sweets.

halloween candy clipart

Cyanide sweets
This is sad. In 1974, eight-year-old Timothy O’Brien from Houston, Texas, died after consuming some of the cyanide-bonded candies he received during the Halloween trick. However, after some investigation by the police, it turned out that the culprit was actually his own father.

His father, Ronald Clark O’Brien, recently wrote out his children’s life insurance policies in the hope of making money on their deaths. To make it look like they were killed by a neighbor, O’Brien also handed Pixie Styx with a cyanide cord to two other children besides his own children. Fortunately, the other children did not eat candy, but Timothy. His father was eventually executed for his murder.

halloween candy clipart
Razor blades in apples
This story dates back to the 1960s, when rumors began to circulate that sharp objects, especially apples, could be put on Halloween. But this one seems to be mostly the stuff of urban legend: one professor who researched this issue, Joel Best, found only 80 cases where razors or needles were put in candy on Halloween, and almost all of these cases were tricks.

halloween candy clipart

But the rumors were so persistent that in 1968, New Jersey actually set jail sentences for anyone who intervenes in Halloween sweets or fruits. This year there would also be 13 apples with razor blades, and from 1972 to 1982, apples stuffed with something sharp sometimes appeared, but, as Best discovered again and again, even in these cases the reports were mostly a hoax. ” invented by children or parents, ”and not by an insane neighbor. Fortunately, in 75 percent of cases, no one was hurt.

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