Halloween makeup ideas

Halloween is upon us! Remove dust from your cape and cauldron because it is time to put your witch on yourself. Let’s be honest, this is the highlight of the year for makeup – the only time that you can (if not desirable) decorate our faces with intricate patterns, special effects and a lot of face colors.

And whether you want yours to be creepy, bloody and covered in fake blood, or cute and attractive, like Karen in the movie Mean Girls (I’m a Mouse!), We have everything you need. Moreover, there are thrillers that go on the big screen for a month and serve as the perfect inspiration for transforming Halloween.

halloween makeup ideas

An example is Maleficent, which will be one of the most popular Halloween costumes of the year. So put on your horns and start scribbling some deadly cheekbones, such as makeup artist Ciara …
In addition, the leader is the Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. If you’re interested in recreating a creepy clown, makeup artist Abby Roberts has broken it in this useful guide;
For sweet and scary makeup artist Ruby Mitchell found the perfect balance with this cat’s look, complemented by scratches of special effects …
You might want to recreate this breathtaking snake-like image of makeup artist Morana.
Queen of Instagram makeup Nikkie Tutorials’ offers some serious ideas with this eyeliner.
Take your mermaids game to a whole new level with this siren lesson.
Get the rage with this super simple lioness lesson Desi Perkins. Master this Halloween-style make-up with a golden smoky eye, a little highlighter and a shimmering bronzer, and a cat’s crisp nose and lips. Try our favorite below! Give these adult Halloween costumes that everyone can try.

halloween makeup ideas
Take the Suicide Squad example and head off as Harley Quinn with this colorful tutorial from NikkieTutorials. Complete your look with the perfect Harley Quinn wig.
If you’re an ordinary makeup professional, try out this fun Roxxsaurus look for your Halloween makeup. All you need is a palette of black and white face paint and a fine makeup brush. Also, decorate your home to immerse yourself in an eerie spirit with these DIY Halloween decorations.

halloween makeup ideas
Try it out with this darkened smoky eye and Desi Perkins red lip. Finish off with a temporary vampire bite tattoo and fake blood. Put on a simple black outfit and you are ready to go. If you want to know how fake blood is made, check out this guide on how Hollywood professionals do it.

Get superhero chic with this Batman look from Eyedolize Makeup. A yellow smoky eye and a little face paint are all that stands between you and this simple Halloween make-up. These makeup fillers are perfect for artists in your life.

halloween makeup ideas
Who knew you could create realistic mermaid fins using fishnet stockings and a colorful eyeshadow palette? Melissa Alatorre did. This simple makeup is as creative as possible. Try this outfit on your kids and be inspired by these cheap Halloween costumes. Add an extra wow factor to your mermaid look by adding a few rhinestones and sparkle.

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