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Dana Haines: Now we are in Smiths Grove, a rehabilitation center.

Aaron Korey: We are here today to interview a patient who spent the last forty years in captivity and, by all accounts, did not say a word. This monster…

[they were interrupted by Dr. Sartein, who crashed into the door to meet them]

[referring to Michael]

Dr. Sartain: For many years he was kept here for study. I believe that the state has lost interest in discovering anything else.

Aaron Korey: Well, that’s why we are here.

Dr. Sarten: Michael was an obsession in my life. I studied all the case materials written on it. I was a student of Dr. Loomis until his death. And then I lobbied the University of Illinois to be nominated for Michael.

Dana Haines: Is there progress?

Dr. Sartain: Well, more than fifty clinical psychiatrists have seen him, and everyone has different opinions. Dr. Loomis was the only one who saw him in the wild, and concluded that he was nothing more than pure evil.

[takes Dana and Aaron to show them Michael]

Dr. Sartain: Our patients receive fresh air, sunlight, view, proper exercise, and healthy eating. It pains me to see him being transferred to this undesirable institution. And here he is.

[Michael stands in the courtyard of the institution]

Dr. Sartain: He can talk. He simply decides not to do this.

Aaron Korey: I would like to be closer to him if I can. Feel his awareness or lack of awareness.

Dr. Sartain: Oh, make no mistake, he is in the know. He was watching you when you arrived.

Aaron Korey: Hi Michael. My name is Aaron Korea. I followed your business for years and still know very little about you. I would like to know more about this night. About those involved. Have you ever thought about them, Michael? Feel guilty for your fate?

[he comes closer to Michael, but not beyond the yellow line, where he is forbidden to go beyond]

Aaron Korey: I borrowed something from a friend in the office of Attorney General Michael.

[Aaron pulls out Michael’s mask]

Aaron Korey: You feel it, don’t you, Michael? You feel the mask.

[no reaction from Michael]

Aaron Korey: Say something, Michael. Say something.

[referring to the mask of Michael he holds]

Aaron Korey: You can feel it, right? This is part of you, Michael. This is a part of you.

[other mentally ill begin to act up, but Michael does not respond]

Aaron Korey: Say something. Say something, Michael. Say something!

Dana Haines: Aaron and I have done several award-winning public appearances on the radio. Our latest project shed new light on the murder case of twenty years ago. We like to review incidents with an objective lens. I believe that you can learn a lot from the horrors you experienced.

Lori Strode: There is nothing to learn. There are no new ideas or discoveries.

Aaron Korey: So is he real?

Lori Strode: Who?

Aaron Korey: Boogeyman. I read, you quoted …

Lori Strode: You don’t believe in Boogeyman?

Aaron Korey: I believe in Michael Myers, an abnormal serial killer, but the Boogeyman is gone.

Lori Strode: Well, you should.

Aaron Korey: Good.

Dana Haines: Michael Myers is the man who killed his sister when he was six years old. Then he came for you. We just want to know why. We want to look into his mind. That is why your story is so important.

Lori Strode: My story?

Aaron Korey: Two unsuccessful marriages. Rocky relationship with your daughter and granddaughter.

Lori Strode: Michael Myers killed five people. And is he the man we must understand? I am divorced twice. And I am the basket.

Aaron Korey: He’s being translated.

Lori Strode: Tomorrow, at seven o’clock.

Dana Haines: He will be locked until the end of his days.

Lori Strode: This is an idea.

Dana Haines: Let’s talk about when the state came to pick up your daughter. She was twelve years old. They said you were a worthless mother. How long before you return to custody?

Lori Strode: I did not. But you already knew that.

[Laurie gets up and goes to open the front door]

Aaron Korey: Lori, we saw him. We met with Michael. I showed him the mask. There was nothing there. No answer Nothing. He will not talk to anyone. Never, but I think he could talk to you. So, why don’t you sit down with him and say all that you would like to say? Come with us and we will help you free yourself. You are welcome.

[Laurie opens the front door]

Lori Strode: Time is up.

[she holds out her hand]

Lori Strode: I will accept the payment. Get out.

[after he dropped the mousetrap with peanut butter on himself]

Ray: Oh man! I got peanut butter on my penis.

Allison Strode: Fu, Dad.

Karen Strode: Instant Karma.

Allison Strode: So, my mother is a liar.

Vicki: What happened?

Allison Strode: She said that she invited my grandmother tonight, but didn’t. I mean, she never got in touch with her.

Vicki: How do you know?

Allison Strode: Because I called her myself.

Dave: This is bullshit.

Allison Strode: Yes.

Vicki: Dude, what are you

Vicky: Does your grandma ever talk about it?

Allyson Strode: Yeah, it’s pretty much all she talks about. It defines her life. She’s been traumatized ever since.

Dave: Wasn’t it her brother who like cold-blooded murdilated all those teenagers?

Allyson Strode: No. That’s just a bit that some people made up to make them feel better, I think.

Vicky: I mean, that is scary to have a bunch of your friends get butchered by some random crazy person.

Dave: Is it, though? Because, all things considered, there’s a lot worse stuff that’s happening today. And like, I mean, what, a couple people getting killed by one guy with a knife is not that big of a deal.

Vicky: Dude, her grandmother was almost fucking murdered.

Dave: And she escaped, and they caught him, and now he’s incarcerated. I’m just saying like by today’s standards…

Vicky: Just shut the fuck up, Dave. Shut up.

Dave: Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah, shut up, Dave.

Officer Hawkins: It’s Michael Myers. Babysitter Murders, 1978. Forty years to this day.

Sheriff Barker: Michael Myers loose with a bunch of nutbags in Haddonfield on Halloween night? We’re going to have a fucking circus on our hands. But hey. What are we going to do, cancel Halloween?

[he laughs and turns to leave]





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