Halloween pumpkin clipart

In 2000, a 49-year-old man from Minneapolis by the name of James Joseph Smith spent a crazy time filling needle Snickers sweets with needles before handing them out to tricks or treats. Fortunately, apart from the fact that one 14-year-old boy was slightly pricked when he bit a candy, no one was hurt.

halloween pumpkin clipart
In 1964, Long Island resident Helen Pfeil fell ill when teens went for refreshments, when they were obviously too old for such fun.

Therefore, naturally, Pfeil decided that putting an end to this behavior meant putting an end to the adolescents themselves. Depending on who you ask, Pfeil either wrapped the arsenic balls in napkins and mixed them with sweets, or simply collected bags containing dog biscuits and steel wool pads, marking it all as “poison” as an alleged joke. In any case, she pleaded guilty to danger for children and received a suspended sentence, which makes me believe that the arsenic part of the story may be a little exaggeration for the sake of urban legends.

halloween pumpkin clipart

Coffee candy
In 1996, seven-year-old Ferdinan Sikig passed out after eating candy on Halloween. As soon as he was taken to the hospital, traces of cocaine were found in his urine, so the media immediately went on high alert and frightened everyone to hell. However, later tests showed that the initial results were incorrect, and that sometimes children just faint, even if they are not rich in coke.

halloween pumpkin clipart

But, in accordance with the topic of cokes, in 2012, a British man accidentally gave Coca-Cola tricks or treats, because, apparently, he took them for bags of Haribo chewing sweets. (Because obviously this is a common mistake.) The man, 23-year-old Donald Junior Green, was sentenced to 130 hours of community service and lost all of the $ 320 coke he bought earlier that day.

halloween pumpkin clipart

Candies on LSD
In 2013, a woman from Salinas, California accidentally received a dose of LSD after she climbed into her daughter’s candy store on Halloween and pulled out the Snickers bar to eat. Realizing that something was wrong, she was taken to a hospital, where doctors agreed that her symptoms were indeed on par with the person who had acid. Further investigation revealed that the wrapper was also not the usual Snickers wrapper.

Although it was an isolated event and no one was charged with dosing the woman (who might have dosed herself, but just didn’t want anyone to know that she thinks Halloween is better when you stumble), she’s still added Halloween candy list is crazy.

Is the main takeaway here? For some reason, it seems that Snickers is the best sweetie for hacking. So … snack wisely?

halloween pumpkin clipart

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