Independence day movie

Independence day movie

The lofty concept of Independence Day (or ID4 as merchandising has it) is War of the Worlds Meets Earthquake, and the film is sure to be spectacular and disastrous. Flying saucers, each 15 miles wide, appear in the skies over major cities around the world, and after a tense countdown that only cable TV genius Jeff Goldblum understands, huge zippo beams blasted the metropolis into smoking ruins (although the only ones we see are destroyed by Los -Angeles, New York and Washington).

US President Bill Pullman, a former fighter pilot struggling with the image of a weakling, is leading the fight, but impenetrable alien force fields mean our planes are shooting down from the skies. Yet all hope is not lost. Hot pilot Will Smith, big brain Goldblum, big heart Pullman and other “personable” people gather at this secret American base (where an alien ship has been stored since the Roswell incident) and come up with an intricate plan that could just work “to save the world “. Recognized athletes begin to pray, many clawed aliens laugh at our pitiful resistance, and once-abducted UFO Randy Quaid looks forward to reckoning. When Pullman delivers a patriotic speech, the audience experiences a warm glow, sparked by the sure and unmistakable hope that the last video will see a monstrous ass kicks on a solar system scale as the overextended effects people try to come up with a climax to overcome the devastation. first two steps.

What the film fails is to make our inevitable victory over the aliens as compelling as their original destruction of Earth. Instead, he resorts to such implausible actions as the fact that Smith can fly a spacecraft designed for the species with eight-foot tentacles, and everyone in the world is doing what the US president says is good for them.

Independence Day is close to being a great movie, even though it breaks Hollywood’s so-called first rule that you can’t make a good movie without a good script. Not only does it have a really ridiculous script (using spellcasters like “they’ll never let you fly in a space shuttle if you marry a stripper”), but it also contains a humiliating dose of religiosity and an even more devastating red and white orgy. and Blue Patriotic Pride. Cuddly Actor Ranking Actor goes out of his way – Brent Spiner wins the Man of the Match award as a comical mad scientist – but little can be done with characters like Stallworth the General (Loggia), Fearless First Lady (McDonnell)) and the Screaming Queen calling him mother (Fierstein).

Independence day movie

Initially, the film destroys memories of the sensuous goodness of UFOs in close encounters as an attempt at communicating with aliens is met with a beam blast, but Spielberg’s film, which he borrowed from most, is 1941 (with Kueid even playing Belushi).

What you get for your money is not depth, but breadth, and this is where Independence Day takes place. From his eerie discovery, when the unrelenting sands of the moon are disrupted by the passage of an alien ship to astonishing imagery of mass devastation – fireballs bursting through entire cities, hundreds of cars flying in flames, hordes of extras swept away like wheat – it delivers all the material from 1950s films. years (Earth versus flying saucers) and the 1980s television series (V) had to be left behind the scenes. As in 2001, in Star Wars and Jurassic Park, it raises the stakes on special effects and brings you closer to the screen display of the images you had in mind while reading epic science fiction.

By the time it comes out on video, we will feel guilty about enjoying the silly paranoia flying under the flag, and this film will lose a lot when it comes out on film. Enjoy it now while it’s absolutely huge.

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