Independence day Singapore 9 Aug 2020

Independence day Singapore 9 Aug 2020

Unlike previous parades, Singapore’s 55th Birthday Party, which features the theme “Together, a Stronger Singapore”, will show that many segments of the parades will be moved to the centre and broadcast live on television, and on Internet platforms, the organizing committee said on Wednesday (May 20).

Independence day Singapore 9 Aug 2020

For the first time, traditional elements such as flying over the national flag, aerial photography of an F-15SG fighter jet, diving with red lions and a mobile convoy will take place at different locations on the island. These displays will also pay special tribute to frontline workers against Covid-19.

This year’s August 9 celebrations will kick off with a nationwide broadcast of the Prime Minister’s Message to mark the Padang National Day and Parade, which was reviewed by the President.

This will be accompanied by flag-raising ceremonies throughout Singapore while the national anthem is sung. Ships of the Singapore Navy and various government agencies will participate in the sea voyages.

Between the morning and evening segments, Singaporeans will also be able to participate in a variety of virtual and in-home activities such as NDP-themed workouts and family cooking events. Fun packs will be provided to every Singaporean and permanent resident.

The announcement of the NDP came a day after the interagency working group responsible for tackling the Covid-19 pandemic outlined a path for a gradual resumption of business, community and healthcare activities when Singapore exits the breaker period on June 2.

The chairman of the NDP’s executive committee this year, Brigadier General Frederic Chu, called the NDP 2020 a landmark during a virtual media briefing on Wednesday.

by the number of participants in the parade in Padang.

According to him, last year the parade was attended by about 1,800 people, and this year the committee plans to gather only about 200 people. So far, no rehearsals have taken place and will only start after the breaker period goes off on June 1st.

Independence day Singapore 9 Aug 2020

There will be no national educational or pre-shows this year either, he said.


The theme song for the NDP 2020 will be released at a later date, he added. The committee is currently not planning any live viewers for the evening show. The number of performers should be between 80 and 100, up from 2,600 in Padang last year. According to B.G. Chu, the guidelines for major events will be followed.

The evening show will include small group items that are designed to convey a greater sense of intimacy and warmth than conventional mass performances. It will also feature performers ranging from ordinary Singaporeans to local celebrities.

The show will tell the “inspiring and inspiring” stories of Singaporeans during the Covid-19 pandemic and pay tribute to the front-line workers who made a difference.

The event will culminate with a national anthem and a solemn pledge, and fireworks will be launched in over 10 different locations in Singapore.
Answering the question about the cost of the parade this year, B.G. Chu said the NDP concept has changed significantly from the original budget that was planned to celebrate the floating platform.

“In some areas, the cost will be lower because we no longer have to raise infrastructure overhead on the float. We will have fewer participants … But there are also new requirements. “

“Thus, at the moment we cannot provide any details. This is mainly because the procurement process continues as we speak and we also have to serve needs. But … rest assured that we will do our best to ensure that all costs are reasonable and responsible. ”

When asked whether there could be a scenario in which the NDP will be cancelled this year, B.G. Chu said that since the committee began work last July and as the situation evolved, they were determined to have the NDP on August 9, “whatever happens.”

“We believe that as long as there is Singapore, there will be NDP,” he said, adding that this is why there are no mass protests and meetings.

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