independence day speech

Independence day speech

Modi then went back to stating the need for a new school of thought and listed various things that government should be.

“The government should have only philosophy: first of all, India,” Modi said.

He then listed a number of things that the government should be, what it should do and how it should act. Again, deep, but far from the fire that was in the previous part of the speech.

independence day speech

And in typical fashion, Modi ended his speech by getting the audience to join him in chanting slogans.

Admittedly, it was more attractive than the Prime Minister, but the ending was a bit of wet chatter, given the cast that Gujarat’s chief minister was. Perhaps he had to stick with the beating of the PM and the Gandhi family?

9:40 am: Modi meets PM, sells Gujarat.

Gujarat’s chief minister then switched to governance, improving economic policies.

Then he went on to talk about various things that have improved in Gujarat and were like a state election speech. Not very exciting things, and it seemed like a good advertisement for Gujarat politics.

The audience is expected to be quiet and some may be forgiven for wondering why the chief minister is telling them about their condition, but they should also be aware that the speech is not actually directed against them.

Modi also talked about transferring the state’s agricultural practices outside of it to the rest of the country. I wonder how it works, but then logic and science don’t always figure in political speeches.

9:35 am: Modi summons PM to debate, says the congressional team is targeting him

Modi is now getting all the attention and has called on the prime minister to debate all issues, and this should lead to many congressmen shaking their heads, accusing the prime minister of having a “brigade” of online trolls.

independence day speech

“Mr Prime Minister, the nation wants us to fight against each other. Instead, one of your online teams sits in front of a computer to decide how to give Gaali Modi. At least on Independence Day, they should sing Wanda Mataram and salute the flag,

According to him, the Prime Minister must understand that the debate should be conducted in order to improve the state of the country.

“There has to be competition for progress and good governance,” Modi said.

“Every media channel said it was the last speech of the prime minister, but the prime minister argued that there are miles to go in the future,” Modi said, even mimicking the voice of the prime minister.

“The nation needs a new direction of thought,” Modi thundered, listing the many things the nation wanted. There was no “Yes, we can” this time, although from the audience.

“We have never said that the current progress of Gujarat is due to the Modi government, but we have always said that it is because every part of the state has worked hard for it,” he said.

The whole speech seems to be directed to the prime minister. Can you expect a strong press release in response from the PMO?

He even pointed out the fact that Indira Gandhi’s 20-point poverty eradication program was not being implemented even by the states administered by Congress.

9:20 a.m. The state of the country has not improved since independence, Modi says

Modi usually blamed the Prime Minister and Congress for failing to improve the situation since the days of Independence.

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