Indonesia independence day vector

Indonesia independence day vector

Preparation for patriotic holidays begins 2-3 weeks before August 17. High-rise office buildings around the city are decorated with large banners or illuminated patterns, fences around the presidential palace and many government offices are draped with red and white buntings, shopping malls are decorated in red and white colours and have sales on Independence Day, the city government spends large sums to create a unique series decoration of the main streets with red and white illumination, residential complexes are repainting their main gates, decorated with the theme of independence. The whole city takes on a red and white hue, and the words Dirgahayu RI (Long live Indonesia!)

Indonesia independence day vector

Can be seen everywhere.

Political observers, sociologists and opinion-makers write in the newspapers and magazines Vzglyad about the country’s progress since independence and the challenges for the future, as well as discussions about what the Founding Fathers will think about the different conditions in modern society.

One of the most popular is climbing a very high, greased pole to reach the top. Schools run contests to see which class can decorate their classroom in the most patriotic way, as well as to conduct games and races among the classes.

Television programs dedicated to the struggle for independence are broadcast before and after Independence Day. Stellar musical extravaganzas are held in various locations and are broadcast throughout the archipelago.

Neighbourhood associations or your local RT (district head) can arrange for a cleanup or Kerja bakti. Sweeping sewers, cutting weeds, burning trash, and repainting public spaces. Women are asked to provide snacks for hardworking men. Homeowners are expected to fly the Indonesian flag for a specified period of time before and after the holiday. Businesses may be encouraged to make contributions to fund the fireworks extravaganza and entertainment at Monas Square, as well as other more localized celebrations. In years past, district heads have asked homeowners to paint their homes, at least the fa├žade, in preparation for the big day.

Indonesia independence day vector

On the eve of Independence Day, the President addresses the people with a message to the members of the House of Representatives, the diplomatic corps and guests of honour.

17 August :

The most solemn ceremony is the raising of the flag at the National Palace, which is broadcast live. Full of pomp and solemnity, and performed in basically the same way every year, it is a spectacle of the greatest respect and honour for the flag and the Republic. Ceremonies are hosted by the President and Vice President and are attended by the Cabinet, military leaders, family members of the current and previous president, the diplomatic corps and guests of honour. High school students from across the archipelago are selected for their marching skills and demonstrate intricate steps and turn to raise the flag. The military goes out of their way in brilliant splendour, standing in the spotlight in their full dress uniforms.

As the ceremonies take place, the neighbourhood prepares for fun and games for children. Krupuk (shrimp chips) eat contests, bike decorations, games, races and lots of fun. The women are engaged in cooking contests to see who can make the biggest krupuk or the most delicious nasi tumpeng.

One of the most popular games is Panjat Pinang. The trunk of the areca palm is erected in public places and is well lubricated with a mixture of clay and oil. Various prizes such as bicycles and televisions hang from the top. Whoever gets to the top wins the prize. Needless to say, there are a lot of slippery, dirty kids and adults out there climbing on top of each other and struggling to get there. Everyone is having a good time, especially the crowd watching the fun.

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